About Andrew Axsom

My name is Andrew Axsom. I am a wicked sinner. I love Jesus Christ and I am passionate about following him. I have been saved by his sacrificial death on my behalf. He was nailed to Calvary’s cross to pay the debt for my sin. I pray everyday that God would grant me the grace to be a faithful witness to those around me of his grace in my life.

I maintain this blog that I might be able to challenge and encourage others to forsake all to pursue Christ. He is all – and he is worthy. I hope it is a blessing to you. May he receive all of the glory.


7 Responses to “About Andrew Axsom”

  1. Andrew, my man. Don’t agree with all your beliefs and perspectives but I love the site!

    Keep it up.

  2. Andrew, I think you have done a terrific job with this site and I have added it to my favorites.
    Thanks for passing it along to me.

    Also, you have got courage my friend to be so outspoken about some of your controversial opinions but I respect your right as an American to express your opinion. I am also proud as a friend and a former colleague that you are being straight forward and honest about the ideas you have. I appreciate straight talking and thats what you do.

  3. I think we’ve met. 😉 great job with the website. Keep up the good work…..

  4. Accedentally found you! lol
    Nice website

  5. Andrew,

    I enjoyed the Mac/Pc Parody. I realize that you were not putting down christian music but I wanted to share my own feelings and experiences on the subject.

    I am an elder of a Non-instrumental Church of Christ in SC. I wrote songs for years but refused to write Christian songs because I had strong feelings about selling my Faith. I felt like people who wrote sang contemporary Christian music were just looking for an easy way into the music business. After giving up music for 20 years songs started to flow into my mind at rates that I could not even learn them. Songs whose message had a real purpose.

    I thought it was interesting to see your video. I would love for you to hear the songs and give me your opinion. They are probably not your style and i am not offended at that. There is a link onmy website where you can hear them for free. I you like send me your address and I will send you the CD. FREE.

    may God bless you and keep you close to him. By the way, I have a Good friend in the drama department at LA. tech. His name is Don Stevens. He is a good Christian too.

    Don Axsom

  6. i found your blog by accident, i had typed in radical faith in google and it came up actually. i started reading and was blown away, your heart for God is amazing, it is so encouraging to hear someone your own age with the same heart! thankyou

  7. Do you know the history of the Bible? We have none of the original copies of any of the books of the Bible. Of those we have, NONE agree with each other. So which do you believe? Your guess is as good as mine. Want to know the real truth? Read Ehrman, “Misquoting Jesus”

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