The Full Throttle Fellowship

 There is a ring on the middle finger of my brother’s hand (mine too). There is an energy drink can hanging from his rear view mirror (mine too). They both symbolize the same thing. Absolute purity before God prior to marriage.

He didn’t always take this stand. Neither did I. Ever since we were little kids our parents told us that we should save our first kiss for our wedding day. They taught us that courtship was superior to dating. They told us to act in such a way so that we could walk unashamed before God. They were absolutely right but sadly and unfortunately, we didn’t listen.

Without going into all the gory details, we both got burned. I went through a 8-month-long relationship with a girl and gave away my first kiss (much to my shame). I had always thought that I would save my first kiss for when I got engaged. Disagreeing with my parents, I thought that this was still very conservative given how many of my friends and acquaintances kissed every girl that they dated. Once I got into a relationship and convinced myself that we were serious, I rationalized, gave into my girlfriend and gave away my first kiss.

My brother didn’t kiss his girlfriend until they got engaged. Only they never got married. Their wedding was called off 11 days before it happened and, like me, he was left with the mental baggage and bad memories.

We both were incredibly humbled; and grateful that God is a God of second chances. We wear rings and have Full Throttle cans hanging in our vehicles to symbolize our radical commitment to total Christian purity. At first it was just a thing between the two of us, but now it has evolved into a growing ideal and movement. The idea of the Full Throttle Fellowship is that as we run full throttle into everything in life, we should also throw all of our energy and devotion into remaining pure and serving God.

We challenge any and all single Christian men to take our pledge and join us. Our pledge is as follows:

Full Throttle Purity Pledge:

My greatest desire is to bring glory to God. I am joining the Full Throttle Fellowship to take a bold, outspoken stand for Christian purity. I believe that sexual purity before marriage is vital. I pledge to place God first in every relationship present or in the future. I dedicate myself before God to protecting the integrity and reputation of any girl I am in a relationship with. I will treat her as my sister in Christ and joint heir eternal. In keeping with my pledge of purity, I vow to not kiss a girl until I am married to her. I pledge before God to treat her in such a way that at any point up to the day of our wedding the relationship could end and we both could continue on unashamed; knowing that we honored the Lord in every way.

The Ring:

In Old Testament times, the Israelites were commanded to bind verses on their foreheads and sew them in the hems of their clothes to constantly remind them of God. Along the same lines, the point of wearing a purity ring is to be a constant reminder of your vow to honor God in your relationship. The ring can be worn on any finger but the ring finger on the left hand. Pattern or shape is irrelevant; the symbol is the important thing.

May God give us the grace to hold fast to our commitment, may we exalt the name of our Lord Jesus Christ in the way we conduct ourselves and may we encourage others to give all they have in the service of our Lord.



~ by Andrew Axsom on September 28, 2008.

2 Responses to “The Full Throttle Fellowship”

  1. Dude, you don’t know how much that means to me. Thanks for the post, a def. encouragement!! We need to talk soon!

  2. “I pledge before God to treat her in such a way that at any point up to the day of our wedding the relationship could end and we both could continue on unashamed; knowing that we honored the Lord in every way.”

    That’s the hard part. That’s the awesome part! Thanks, man. I’m considering joining.

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